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Once you get over the joy and the shock of actually being pregnant you now get to go through all of the stages of being pregnant and feeling and watching your body change and grow. Your doctor will give you regular check ups and take what is called an ultrasound. An ultrasound lets you see your baby while it is still inside of your belly! An ultrasound will also be able to help tell the doctor how the baby is doing. Your doctor will be able to tell if there are going to be any complications during the birth of the baby or if there are any mental illnesses or birth defects. This is excellent technology because it allows us to prepare for what is ahead. The more we know and the more we can expect the more at ease our minds will be.

Some women want to know if their baby is a boy or a girl, and some do not. An ultrasound can also tell you the sex of your child. Women like to know this mainly because they can plan around that aspect. If you have a girl you plan for pink, and your friends buy presents based on the sex of the child when it comes time to having your baby shower. Women also like to know the sex because then they can plan and think about baby names. Everyone loves to think about names and they would name their child.

Watch out though when it comes to ultrasounds, sometimes the information that it gives is not entirely accurate. There are common stories of a woman thinking she is going to have a girl and to her surprise our pops a boy! Ultrasounds are a great way of putting your mind at ease and knowing that your baby is alright. They can also show you if you are going to have more than one little bundle of joy! Technology these days is great, and ultrasound machines over the last few years have gotten more, and more accurate, so you should not need to worry about mis-readings or anything of that sort. So go see your doctor for regular visits and regular ultrasounds, and keep yourself up to date when it comes to watching baby pictures in which your new baby grow and change over the next months! You will be completely shocked to see how much can change from one visit to the next!

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