Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy
Three Stages And Trimesters in Pregnancy

Trimesters in Pregnancy

It comes in threes

There are three stages that you will go through during your pregnancy. New symptoms and changes will develop throughout each trimester that you enter into. When you first find that you are pregnant you have just entered into the first trimester of your pregnancy. This is when the baby first develops over the next twelve weeks. Your baby grows about three inches and some of its internal organs have already started to function. For you, you will have a rush of hormones that discharge throughout your body. This is when morning sickness first occurs and you may start to crave certain foods that you never craved before you were pregnant. You will also feel very tired because of the changes you are growing through and the demands from your baby.

In the second trimester your baby is still growing and getting larger and larger as the weeks pass. Your baby will actually grow to weigh about two or three pounds and will go from being only three inches to a whopping fourteen inches! If you were to go into premature labor during your second trimester your baby will still be able to survive when given the right medical care. For you as the mother, your belly will start to grow and expand as the baby grows. At this point your actual morning sickness symptoms will subside and you will start feeling better. The food cravings will still probably be present throughout your entire pregnancy.

The last and third trimester of the pregnancy is when the baby's organs actually start getting prepared to function when coming out of the womb. The baby will grow to weigh around seven pounds and it will be about twenty inches by the time it is born! You may start to feel a bit uncomfortable and sore due to the recent increase in weight and the weight of the baby that you are carrying around. Your legs might start to feel sore and your back will be incredibly sore. But knowing what to expect and getting ready to have your child will help you through all three of these trimesters. Again, using the internet and your doctor are great tools to answer all of the lingering questions you might have. The last trimester is the home stretch for you and now all you have to do now is prepare yourself to bring another life into this growing world!

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