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Signs of Miscarriage

Miscarriage is deal to deal with the loss of the baby in the embryo stage, within just twenty weeks of the pregnancy. It can occur due to various reasons. This is pretty common an affair, about one in five women can face this consequences. If a woman is afraid of having a miscarriage then she should be careful about certain symptoms. When the miscarriage occurs very early, in about ten weeks then there is no sign as such. The most common signs of which one must be aware of are bleeding from the vagina, or cramps. The bleeding may even be continuous with light or heavy flow. If the bleeding is accompanied by pain then it is to be sure that something out there is going wrong. But this always does not mean a miscarriage is about to happen. There are many women, who bleed through the vagina during the entire first trimester of pregnancy. A miscarriage sign is always accompanied with pain. There may be other signs like severe weight loss, reduction in tenderness of breasts, too much heavy feeling around the pelvic portion, aching lower back, whitish or pinkish discharges, etc. If these signs are found then it is good to consult with the doctor.

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