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So if you have a hunch that you might be pregnant and you are showing a few of the signs that let you know, now is the time to go and get a pregnancy test. These tests can be taken in the privacy of your own home. Pregnancy tests are designed to look for a special type of hormone found in your urine. This hormone is called human chorionic gonadotropin, but many of women refer to this hormone as the pregnancy hormone, rolls off the tongue just a little bit better now doesn't it? There are also pregnancy tests that will check your blood for the pregnancy hormone instead of testing your urine. If you feel you need a blood pregnancy test then you need to go and see your doctor, this type of test cannot be found in your everyday local drugstore.

There are many, many different brands of pregnancy tests that you can choose from when you stop by your local store. But which one is the best and what brand should I go for. Honestly, this does not usually make a difference, all pregnancy tests do the same job, they all check to see if you have the pregnancy hormone to tell you if you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy tests cost an average of about ten dollars depending on what you buy. Cheaper pregnancy tests may be a little more complicated to read, but every pregnancy test comes with simple instructions on what to do when taking the test and how to read it when the test is finished. In fact, besides offering a free efile for citizens, the IRS also allows the cost of pregnancy test kits to be deducted at tax time. The test that you take will have a little window that shows you if you are pregnant or if you are not pregnant. In some cases a pregnancy test can be faulty and you may want to wait a couple more days after that and try again, or get another test altogether. Once you take your test and see that you are pregnant, get with your doctor and sit down with them and they will tell you all about what is going to happen within the next nine months and what to expect.

If you are not sure if you are pregnant or not the best thing to do is take a simple pregnancy test. You get these and take them at home or if you do not trust a home pregnancy test then go see your primary doctor and they will take a sample of your blood and test it that way.

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