Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms before missed period

There are a number of symptoms from which a woman may understand that she is pregnant and go for a test to ensure that. These are the signs that drive a woman to search for even more details about other symptoms of pregnancy, before going for a medical test. Of all the symptoms, the early symptom of missed period is the most common. The period is nothing but the secretion of the pituitary that forms the placenta surrounding the uterus. The placenta is like a fat nutritional layer from which the baby draws its necessary nutrients. The placenta is formed every month. But when there is no fertilization, it is of no use, as a result the uterus shakes itself and forms a liquid of the placenta and thus it comes out through the vagina. But, when the egg is fertilized, and it gets embedded in the uterine lining, the placenta has it purpose. Thus there is no period. But a missed period always does not mean a condition of pregnancy, sometimes irregularity of period occurs due to other reasons. Some women may not even miss a period rather they have a lighter one. Thus it is better to check out for some other signs before going for the tests.

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