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Pregnancy Risks and Complications

Risks and complications that may occur

Every woman who becomes pregnant wants to ensure that they have a safe and healthy pregnancy. There are many risks and complications that can occur that can actually lead to a woman losing her child and having a miscarriage. When you first become pregnant your doctor will tell you to stay away from any sort of medications during your pregnancy. Certain types of drugs can cause birth defects when the child is born. Cigarettes and alcohol are the easiest type of drugs to stay away from as long as you can maintain a balance of self control.

There are factors that can cause many complications during your pregnancy. Urinary tract infections if left untreated can eventually spread to your kidneys and can cause a premature or early labor. This is not good for you as a mother or for your baby, because when born too early a baby will actually have to fight for their life, and may spend many weeks in a hospital instead of spending time at home with its mother. Urinary tract infections in pregnant women can be treated with some simple antibiotics, and will clear up in about a week.

If you are experiencing any sudden weight gain or swelling in your hands and face you may have a case of high blood pressure. This tends to occur about thirty weeks before the actually birth of your baby. Doctors say that the best and only cure for this is actual delivery which can be damaging to your health as well as the baby's health depending on how many weeks far along you actually are. If you are not far along enough a doctor may put you on bed rest for the duration of your pregnancy to keep your blood pressure from getting any higher.

Preterm labor is a common complication in woman and their pregnancy. If the baby is only 37 weeks along or less than five pounds in weight this is considered preterm labor. If you are experiencing any clear discharge or your baby changes their pattern in movement this is a clear sign that you may be experiencing a preterm labor. See your doctor right away if this occurs.

There are complications out there that are out of your control and complications that could cause you to lose your baby, this can be hard but keep in mind it is a way of life. Sometimes you may have complications that are out of control and you just have to watch for them as they come along.

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