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Pregnancy and Mood Swings

Along with pregnancy many irritable situations are to be expected for. There is a sudden change in the entire body at the on start of pregnancy. As the body gradually prepares itself as a suitable place for the dwelling of the baby, a large number of hormones are secreted at this time and the levels of the existing ones also increase. This give rise to sudden bouts of mood swings. There is a kind of mixed feelings that a mother is subject top. This is accompanied by tensions, excitement, happiness as well as a high sense of responsibility. Thus along with the change in the physical condition, a large number of changes take place in the emotional domain of a woman. It is required to be calm all the time as too much of excitement may be bad for the baby. The partner is needed to provide emotional support at this time. There may be a feeling to the woman that she is doing all the hard work. But this condition is visible in the first trimester. As the mother becomes gradually adjusted to her present condition, the mood swings gradually loses its prevalence during the second trimester. Proper sleep, healthy eating and a little walking can help doing away with this condition.

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