Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 8

This is the advanced stage of pregnancy. At this stage the mother suffers from a number of discomforts. As the baby pushes upward the body, this creates pressure onto the lungs of the mother and thus she faces breathing troubles. The body parts of the baby can be felt by the mother, across her abdomen. This time, the mother cannot sit or lie down for a long time at a stretch, thus she faces problems of sleeplessness. The feet of the mother become heavy and it makes her movements difficult. She may have frequent cramps in the leg muscle, there may be heartburn. As the pressure of the baby increases, the mother may have frequent urge of urination as the baby's head is on the vagina. The other discharges from the vagina also increase at this stage. In all it is a tiresome month for the mother. The baby at this stage sets itself ready for coming out of the mother's womb. It becomes almost five pounds in weight and eighteen inches in length. Its skin becomes smoother as the fat gradually start filling up the wrinkles. Its eyes are open. It sleeps as well as remains awake. If delivered in this stage, it has a good chance of survival.

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