Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 7

At this stage it becomes very difficult for the mother to move about freely as she gains weight at the rate of one pound per week. The mother can expect the fatal movements very often and than too in a stronger way at this stage. There may be pain due to increased pressure on the rib cages. Backaches and cramps in leg muscles may be very common. The mother starts having problems to sleep at night due to breathing problems as the baby moves upward. The uterus can be felt above the navel. This is the stage of third trimester. The bay also undergoes a number of changes. Its skin loses transparency and starts developing opaqueness. The hearing sense is fully developed. The bones become stronger. The lungs are not fully grown; they continue their growth at this stage. The baby becomes capable of crying. Its eyelashes also start growing. The sexual organs also start developing in this month. The baby is capable of dreaming. This can be understood by the rapid eye movement during sleep. It gains weight of about three pounds. Sometimes babies are delivered in this stage and they have a fair chance of survival also.

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