Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 6

In the sixth month the baby becomes pretty much aware of the sounds of the outside world and it even reacts to those. Now is a great time to start reading more about how to decorate a nursery. In this stage, the eye formation is almost over and the eyelids start opening and closing. It is pretty big to be felt during the abdominal check ups. Its skin is wrinkled and reddish. The finger prints are developed at this stage. It starts kicking the mother's belly at this time. It attains a size of about fifteen inches and attains weight of about two pounds. At this stage the mother continuously gains weight. Her belly expands even more. The mother looks healthy. The uterine presence is felt above the navel. The uterine muscles start preparing themselves for the labor. Thus they will expand and contract. But the contraction should not be more than four times an hour. If it so, then the doctor should be consulted. Stretch marks are grown in the areas like hips, breasts and the stomach. The mother feels more and more hungry. The mother develops a glow in her look. Some may have the problem of having burning sensation in the heart. Thus it is advisable not to take spicy food.

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