Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 5

The fifth month of pregnancy means it is half the total pregnancy period. In this month all the irritating feelings turns into satisfactory feelings. In this month the mothers experience a gay mood. And they have exciting feelings about their condition. By this month the mother can feel the movement of the baby completely. The bay becomes much calm in this time. Skin formation takes place and it is wrinkled and red and filled with fat. The skin of the baby is protected by a white cheese like secretion. The eyelids of the baby remain closed. The belly of the mother expands even more. Due to the expanding belly some may suffer from back aches at this stage. Every week the mother gains almost three fourth of a pound of weight. The uterus gradually moves up, and by this month it can be felt above or at the level of the navel. The breasts of the mother become even bigger with the veins being visible in them. The breasts start secreting a white fluid called the colostrums. This may lead to some sort of inconvenience. The mothers can use nursing pads to do away with this inconvenience.

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