Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 4

In this month, the mother's belly starts expanding. The tummy growth is first time visible from outside and thus everybody understands that the baby is on its way. Thus this is a sensation of pride for the new mother. By this month the feelings of nausea and morning sicknesses are generally over. The baby's growth becomes prominent. It starts moving by the end of this month. The weight of the baby is almost three fourth of a pound. It will be about ten inches long in this month. A number of changes will be visible to the body of the mother. The gains weight and the tummy come out. The area surrounding the nipples become darker and the abdomen lining which is called the linea nigra will also become dark. At this month, the placenta starts discharging some hormones. These hormones make the joints and the muscles of the mother's body soft. The mother starts having the cravings for different kind of food. The tired feeling of the body gradually fades away. The uterus grows in size in this month and it reaches almost just below the navel. The mother faces a chance of getting the urinary tract infected, due to various hormone discharges.

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