Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 3

By the third month of pregnancy, it is almost the time to end the first trimester. Thus many complications that have started with the mother's body will gradually start to vanish. The discomforts due to morning sickness will go and the mother will feel more energetic in this phase. The baby's formation will be enhanced even more. The baby will weigh almost one fourth of a pound. The finger buds and the toe buds that were formed in the month two, in this month they will grow to fully formed fingers and toes respectively. By this month the mother will also gain more weight and she starts feeling hungrier than ever. The food intake of the mother thus increases. By this moth the placenta will be formed and that will take care of the health of the pregnancy. The mother may feel the uterine pressure just above the pubic bone. The uterus of the woman will be hardened from contractions. At this stage, the women may have more of discharges from the vagina. The problem of constipation becomes sound. Even the women suffer from increased perspiration. Along with the physical changes, a number of emotional changes also take place. The mother may be subject to mood swings.

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