Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy in Month 2

By the second month of pregnancy, the size of the uterus increase to the shape of a grape fruit from the size of a fist in the beginning. The baby becomes an inch long and it starts having a look like a baby. The tadpole tail disappears, the eyelids start forming over the eye sockets. Most of the internal organs are partially formed. By the end of this month the baby develops starts developing its arms, finger buds, legs and the toe buds. This month is one of the very important in the early phase of pregnancy. The doctor suggests the mother to have plenty amount of folic acid at this stage which helps in the proper development of the baby's neural nerve. Like the baby inside, the mother also goes through a number of changes. The mother may be subjected to mood swings, nausea; the changes in the breasts will become even more prominent. Problems like indigestion or constipation are also noticeable at this stage. The breasts may be painful at this stage and the size of the abdomen also starts expanding. The veins become much more visible and the sweat glands beneath the skin also enlarge and look like Goosebumps.

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