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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

We all love a good massage

Massages are a great way to relieve stress and tension in various parts of our body. When you are pregnant getting a pregnancy massage every once in awhile can relieve so much of your stress and pain, and can also aid in some much needed relaxation. If you find that you are having some muscle cramps or muscle spasms, then a good massage will definitely help with this. Pregnancy massages can increase your blood circulation which will help get blood to your baby a lot faster than usual.

If you are in the later process of your pregnancy you might be experiencing some nerve pain in your legs and back due to the weight you have been carrying. A pregnancy massage can help to release the tension in your legs and your lower back and this can reduce the nerve pain that you have been experiencing.

Doctors say that women can have a prenatal massage at any point in their pregnancy. Some massage therapy business will not perform a prenatal massage on a woman who is less than 12 weeks pregnant due to the risk of having a miscarriage. Doctors also recommend that before you decide to go see a massage therapist to get a massage, you should first sit down with your doctor and discuss the risks involved and if it is a good idea or not. If you have had a previous pre-term labor or you experience severe headaches, you should try and stay away from getting a massage. Recent birth is also another reason not to get a prenatal massage.

Remember that during your pregnancy it is all about your health and your baby's health. You may be feeling stressed out and sore and a massage probably sounds delightful, but if you are at high risk during your pregnancy, then you should stay away and find another method of relaxation. Speak with your doctor and let them help you determine what the best method for relaxation would be. If you are all clear and good to go, then start look for a qualified and recommended massage therapist that can relieve most of your unwanted soreness and stress. This can be good for both you and the baby, your baby can sense when you are in distress or worry and if you can find a way to maintain that level and relax then you can fundamentally get your baby to relax with you as well!

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