Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Headaches During Pregnancy

Many women complain of headaches ranging from mild to severe during their pregnancy. No specific reason is known for these kinds of headaches. Many of the doctors say that the hormonal change through out the body is the common reason for the headaches. Some say that it is due to tension, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy that more and more women suffer from headache. The headaches are typically like a squeezing pain, pain at both the sides, or a constant pain, pain at the back of the neck. Those who are prone to headache due to tension, their condition can become even worse at the time of pregnancy. Some can even have migraine attacks. Those who have never suffered from migraine can suffer from that during the pregnancy period. This is a different kind of headache. The migraine pains can be mils to severe. Those who already had the problem from beforehand, their condition may worsen at this time. It may lead to severe pain, vomiting. This type of pain is characterized by continuous pain for three days in a side of the head. Most often these show their first signs during the first trimester. Fatigue, sinus or depression may be the other reasons.

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