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Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

It is a common problem faced by pregnant women to urinate very often at the time of pregnancy. With some the problem is so severe that they even leak out at times. The urinary bladder is balloon shaped and stores urine, the muscles underneath it keep it closed and thus stop from leaking. The pressure of a full bladder propagates its signal to the brain, when these muscles get relaxed and a person feels like urinating. At the time of pregnancy, the uterus becomes very heavy, and thus gives pressure to the bladder. This makes the nerves there to send a signal of urination to the brain. Thus a woman feels like urinating very often even when the bladder is actually empty. Besides this, the body contains more amount of fluid during pregnancy period. The kidney also becomes more functional in filtering out the wastes from the body, these causes to frequent filling of the bladder resulting to frequent urination. Moreover, when the baby moves downwards during the advanced stage of pregnancy, the pressure rises even more resulting to more frequent need to urinate! This results to leakage in some cases. It is better to avoid tea, coffee or other things having high caffeine content.

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