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Pregnancy and Food Cravings

It is very commonly heard that during pregnancy, most of the women complain of cravings for food of various kinds. No scientific, particular reason has been found till date for food craving during pregnancy, though some of the doctors have some views about its occurrences. Sometimes, the cravings are representative of what the mother's body is lacking. Some are abnormal cravings, like cravings for laundry starch, cigarette, etc. These abnormal cravings are at times due to iron deficiencies. Rather than give in to these harmful cravings, talk to your doctor about an iron supplement and be sure to add plenty of iron rich foods to your diet. Iron deficiency can eventually lead to anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue due to poor circulation. If you are a vegetarian, iron supplements may be particularly important during pregnancy. The cravings for pickles or cheese are for the demand of sodium. Similarly there are other things that are craved for due the deficiencies of fat, protein, calcium etc. It is said by some experts that the taste buds prepares themselves in a way that they can show the need for particular nutrition through the desire for a particular type of food. Moreover, some studies have shown that the change in the different hormonal levels in the body of a woman also plays a part in changing the sense of taste as well as that in smell. Sometimes the craving for having odd things or huge amount of food may be harmful for the mother as well as the baby.

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