Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Fatigue

Creating a new life is not all that easy a job after all. The body of a woman is constantly busy for twenty four hours a day in this job. The body goes through a number of changes to become a suitable place for the growth of the baby. Thus, fatigue is a common problem seen among the pregnant women. Some of the women are unable to sleep at night, this is also a reason. The hormonal changes also add up to this condition. The increased level of secretion of progesterone also makes the body feel tired. Especially this is felt at the first trimester and the third trimester. At the first trimester, just the changes begin and in the third trimester, the body becomes very heavy along with that it gets prepared for the labor. Following some rules can make it a bit easier to deal with this condition. Eating a healthy diet is very important; there should not be long gaps between two meals. It is good to take more rest. Taking a nap is helpful at times. It is good to bed early at night. It is good to do some light exercises in consultation with the doctor.

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