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Pregnancy and Dizziness

At the time of pregnancy, women face a number of problems. Dizziness or tendency of fainting is some these problems. At the time of pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes. The women heart become capable of pumping blood double its capacity, thus accommodating for both the mother and the baby, the blood circulation system also expands. Thus due to these changed activities, the blood pressure level shows tremendous amount of fluctuation, sometimes it raises while at the other time it falls. During the mid stage of pregnancy, the blood pressure level falls significantly, thus making the woman lightheaded. A pregnant woman should know how to deal with dizziness in order to do away with any kind of accidents. It is better to be on bed when one feels lightheaded. Swift movements of legs can make one feel dizzy, thus it is advisable, to move slowly or to get up from sitting condition slowly. In the morning times it is good to get out of bed slowly. Any sudden swift movement may lead to fainting. It is better to avoid too much crowd or too hot environment. A woman should eat ample amount and drink proper amount of water.

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