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Pregnancy: Cervical Dilation

The cervical dilation occurs in order to make way for the baby to move out of the uterus. It starts occurring in the advanced stages of pregnancy. At the advanced stage, that is by the ninth or the tenth month the cervix widens up to one to three centimeter. The main dilation is formed at the time of labor. This is caused by the massive contraction of the uterus and it becomes six centimeter wide. After that, the pressure form the head of the baby along with the contraction of the uterus, tries to push the baby further down and the cervix opens by ten centimeter. This is the complete opening that is required for the delivery. Once the cervix is open by ten centimeter, the baby is delivered within a very short duration. At the time of pregnancy, a piece of mucus blocks the mouth of the cervix in order to protect the baby from various types of germs and bacteria. At the advanced stage of pregnancy, this mucus comes out as a vaginal discharge. This vaginal discharge indicates that the dilation time has come. But in many of the cases the women do not notice this mucous discharge. The pain of dilation is almost similar to menstrual pain.

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