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Preeclampsia Symptoms During Pregnancy

Preeclampsia during pregnancy is a condition when the mother has increased blood pressure level. The mother may be diagnosed with hypertension and her urine may contain high level of protein. This problem is typically detected after twenty weeks of pregnancy. Generally those would be mothers who have kidney related problems, high blood sugar or are obese, are prone to this trouble. It has a chance of occurrence in ten to fifteen women out of a hundred. Mostly the cases of preeclampsia are symptomised by swelling of ankle, severe pain in the abdomen, vomiting tendency, continuous aching of head, distortion in vision, etc. This is generally found in women below twenty years of age or above thirty five years of age. Preeclampsia symptoms should not be ignored. If not detected on time, it may cause death of the mother as well as that of the baby due to the development of eclampsia. Due to this the mother may have brain hemorrhage, dysfunctional kidney, and liver problems. The condition of preeclampsia is generally occurs during the first pregnancy. The mother is required to go for regular antenatal checkups. Especially after twenty eight weeks of pregnancy, the urine is to be tested once every two weeks.

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