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Predictor Tests for Fertility

Predictor Tests for Fertility and Ovulation

Ovulation usually takes place in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Ovulation is when the egg is released from ovarian follicle. Once the egg has been released, the egg will have the opportunity to be fertilized for up to twenty four hours. If the egg has been fertilized, this usually takes place inside the fallopian tube, then the implantation will be taking place in the uterus, then a pregnancy will be the ending result. If the egg has not been fertilized, then it is going to go away after those twenty four hours and it will be passed during menstruation from the reproductive track, this will take place about fifteen days after the process of ovulation has taken place.

Today, women turn to predictor tests in order to determine their fertility and ovulation rates. During the process of ovulation, the woman is at peak fertility and this is the best time to perform intercourse. The period that you are most fertile will be taking place approximately four days before ovulation occurs and will end twenty four hours after the egg has been released. The sperm is known for living in the woman's body for up to five days, this means the woman's fertility period is greater than twenty-four hours.

In order to increase the chances of a woman getting pregnant, it is important to predict the days that the peak fertility will be taking place and more specifically, it is important to predict the date that the ovulation will be taking place. There are many tests out there that have been proven accurate. Some of the fertility and ovulation tests include the saliva ovulation predictor test. The best way for a woman to get pregnant would be to keep track of the fertility chart with a basal thermometer and look for signs of ovulation. The urine LH kit is also known to help in order to predict the best time to get pregnant.

When looking for prediction tests, a woman could always ask their doctors what the best prediction tests are, or they could do some research of their own. As they are doing research, they are going to find a number of different tests. These prediction tests can be purchased either online or at the local drug store. These prediction tests are going to be working by detecting the fluctuation levels that are in the hormones. The saliva ovulation tests will be detecting the changes in the estrogen hormone.

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