Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy
Before You Get Pregnant

Before You Get Pregnant

Thinking about your decision

Having a child and starting a family is a huge change and responsibility, but it is also a very rewarding experience! If you are thinking about taking that big step and becoming pregnant there are some things that you should consider and sit and think about before you actually take the plunge. Most pregnancies go without anyone seeing any major problems, but if you do not care for yourself properly there could be big consequences for your child. Your habits are going to be changed for the next nine months; you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You have to think many things carefully before you get pregnant.

If you smoke you need to start preparing yourself to quit if you are pondering a pregnancy. Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that can get into your baby's blood and cause slow growth. There are also risks of having a miscarriage or premature birth if you continue to smoke. This could also be looked at as a good thing, considering the fact that smoking is unhealthy for your body and perhaps after your baby is born you will not feel the need to smoke anymore.

If you have been using certain types of birth control previously you should let your doctor know, as some of them have been thought to cause various strange side effects. For example, yasmin side effects include headaches and high blood pressure, both of which can lead to stress that may make getting pregnant more difficult as a woman stops taking the pills.

Besides thinking about all of the things you are going to have to give up and all of the changes think, are you financially prepared to have a child? Having a child changes everything, and you need to make sure you have enough room, enough money and enough time to give to your child. There are medical bills that you need to consider, diapers, baby formula, all of these things are essential to a baby's growth and well being. Take the time to sit down and talk about your budget and what you can afford and what you cannot afford. Your baby is top priority for you once he or she comes into this world.

Another thing to think about is your job. If you get pregnant and have a child you are going to need to take some time off once the baby is born, will your job allow you to take a substantial amount of time away? Is your job even safe for you to be working at? There are many aspects that can affect you and your pregnancy and you need to think about them prior to actually getting pregnant. Babies change your entire life, and if you are not ready for this type of change, you are going to run into a bit of trouble. Just sit and think and talk it out and prepare yourself that is the best that you can do!

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