Pregnancy Time: Nine Months of Pregnancy

Placenta Abruption and Placenta Previa

Placenta acts as an interface for exchange of oxygen and other nutritional matters form the mother to the baby throughout the pregnancy period. This also transports the waste out of the baby's body to the mother's body. At the advanced stage of pregnancy there can be some risk due to the disruption of the placenta. These risks are of two types, one is placenta abruption and the other one is placenta previa. In placenta abruption, the placenta gets detached from the inner uterine wall. Thus it poses a risk for transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the baby from the mothers and the extraction of the waste from its body to that of the mothers. It may be fatal to the baby and the mother may also reach a state of shock due to problem in circulatory system or due to hemorrhage. But if kept under close observation and acted accordingly, then both the lives can be saved. Placenta abruption may be partial also. Generally the placenta covers the uterus in its head. In some cases the placenta may be formed in the lower side. As a result it blocks the cervical dilation. This phenomenon is known as placenta previa.

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