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One of the worst pains that women talk about when they are pregnant is lower back pain. Because your abdomen has been stretched and you are carrying extra weight in your belly, your weight is pulling on your back which makes it harder to stand up or sit up straight. You will encounter a series of pains all throughout your pregnancy, but do not worry these are all normal to your pregnancy.

You will experience some cramp-like pains in the very beginning of your pregnancy. These pains tend to feel like the cramps you get when you are going through your menstrual cycle. They can even feel like a bit of a shooting pain in your abdomen and move down to pain in your groin. This is because your ligaments are stretching in your pelvis to make sure that your womb will be stable throughout your pregnancy. You will feel these pains in the beginning because your uterus is beginning to grow and this puts unwanted pressure on the muscles that surround your uterus. Because you may not take any medications during your pregnancy heat can help with these cramps, try taking a hot bath or using a heating pad.

You may also experience some hip pain during your pregnancy. This can be a little bit of a warning sign because some women end up having to cart around in a wheel chair before their baby is born as well as after. If you are finding that you are having some hip pains try to keep from doing too much exercise. Exercise when you are experiencing pain can only make your pain worse, and you definitely do not want that! Try getting a pair of crutches so you can get around the house. The main thing you want to do is talk to your doctor and try and stay in bed, you do not want to injure yourself any further.

Pain is a normal part of pregnancy, and it cannot be avoided. Your hands and feet might swell and get sore, and your back will always be sore. The main thing you want to remember is just try and take it easy during your pregnancy, keep yourself from doing strenuous activity. If you have a job you might want to take some time off a little bit early before the pregnancy and just rest. The main thing you want to remember is to take care of yourself and your baby!

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