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Gestational Diabetes Symptoms during Pregnancy

At the time of pregnancy, the secretion of various hormones increases and many new types of hormones are secreted. These secretions sometimes block the normal insulin secretion to reach the blood flow of the mother. This is done in order to ensure that the baby gets enough glucose. This results in increased blood sugar level in the mother's body. This condition generally occurs when the mother's body is incapable of forming the increased amount of insulin that is required to fight the increased blood sugar requirement. The gestational diabetes is generally seen to occur in the second trimester of pregnancy. It goes away once the baby is born. This type of diabetes normally does not have any symptom but at times there are certain symptoms which may make the mother aware. Sometimes it shows the symptoms of increased blood sugar like feeling of tiredness, the need to urinate very frequently as well an increase in thirst. But these symptoms are again very common symptoms of pregnancy, so it is difficult to understand at times. Generally this is not harmful for the mother or the baby, but poor control of gestational diabetes may lead to a number of problems. It may lead to a rise in the blood pressure level of the mother. It may cause immature labor.

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