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Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms

Ectopic pregnancy is a kind of erratic pregnancy. In this case the egg instead of getting embedded in the uterus gets embedded in the fallopian tube. Thus the pregnancy is developed outside the womb. As the pregnancy develops in the fallopian tube, it is also known as tubal pregnancy. As the pregnancy period matures, the mother starts feeling severe pain in the belly accompanied by bleeding. If this condition is not detected on time it ruptures the fallopian tube and there is severe internal bleeding. The pregnancy is never fruitful; it is always to be lost as it can never be shifted to the womb. Moreover, if not detected on time, there may be life risk to the mother. It generally can be detected within fourth to seventh weeks of the pregnancy. Generally after fertilization, the egg moves through the fallopian tube to the uterus to get itself implanted there. But, if there is any blockage in the fallopian tube, then the movement of the egg is stooped and it implants itself there itself. An egg may even get implanted by the edge of the ovary in many cases. Women with pelvic inflammatory diseases are more prone to this condition.

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