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Baby's Kicks

Baby's Movements and Kicks in Pregnancy

They like to give you a little kick!

When women get pregnant they like to think about what their baby is going to grow up to be, and what type of person are they going to be. It is a common joke when a baby kicks, that the mother has got a soccer player on her hands. Babies move around a lot in the womb when you enter your 16th week of your pregnancy. When your baby does start to move it may only move a little bit throughout the day, and then a lot the next day, it is really hard to tell.

It is completely natural for your baby to move and kick and wiggle around as it grows and its body starts to develop. When your baby first starts to move around inside of you, it will just feel like a little series of flutters, sort of like a butterfly flying around inside of you or like popcorn popping. You will not start to feel the actual kicking until your third trimester. Until then it will just feel like faint flutters, but when your last trimester rolls around, you will start to feel some jabbing. This can get fun because other people in your family can feel the baby move and roll around. Your baby is getting bigger and it is starting to position itself to come out and greet the new world.

If you would like, keep track of your baby's movements on a daily basis. Write it down in a pregnancy journal. This can be used as a reference or a guide for yourself when you have another child; or you can pass it down to your children so that they know. Keep track of how much your baby moves and where you felt it and how it felt. Does your baby move around a lot more when you are in crowded areas such as malls or the grocery store? Does your baby calm down at night when you lay down to go to sleep? All of these factors can make a difference when it comes to your baby moving. You may be able to feel the fluttering and the kicks a lot more with your first pregnancy, and not feel the moving around so much with your second or third. It all just depends on the woman, what she does throughout the day and how she is built can effect how she feels the baby move and kick!

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