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Avoiding Unwanted Pregnancy

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Not everyone is ready to have a child; it usually depends on where you are at in your life. If you are sexually active you are at risk to becoming pregnant. If you are not expecting it, it probably is not a joyous moment in your life. To keep yourself away from that type of situation there are ways and preventative measures you can take to make sure you do not get yourself in some hot water.

If you are having sex, it cannot be too hard to either wear some protection or take some sort of birth control method. Condoms actually keep you safe and away from not only unwanted pregnancies, but sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) as well. Talk to your doctor about the different types of birth control that are offered. If you have trouble remembering to take a pill everyday, then perhaps you need a patch or a shot, something that you do not really need to think about every day.

Let's say you already have two kids and a wonderful family. You know that you do not have the time or the energy for yet another child. There are some permanent measures that you can take to keep yourself from having an unwanted pregnancy. These usually require some outpatient surgery, if you are contemplating something a little more permanent, then give your doctor a call and make an appointment to sit down and talk with him or her.

When it comes right down to it, this is your life, and you can either plan accordingly or you can just wing it. If you are sexually active and do not use any protection then you need to consider the possibility of having a child. If this is not what you want then you need to start thinking of some preventative measures, such as birth control or condoms, or not having sex at all. It may be hard but not having sex at all will completely eliminate the rick of having a baby. If you cannot do that, and completely eliminate your risk, then go sit down with your doctor and talk about birth control, it may not be 100% effective, but it is still effective, and if you follow directions and take it when you are supposed to take it, you have a very low chance of getting pregnant. Keep yourself safe and out of a situation that will change your entire life.

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