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Alcohol and Pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy

These two combinations do not mix!

We have literally grown up hearing about what not to do when you are pregnant. One of the first things that people say about what not to do when you are pregnant is drink alcohol. Drinking while you're pregnant can cause so many problems for you baby, you should not even ever consider drinking one class of anything. This can cause a number of physical and mental birth defects when your baby is born.

When you drink while you are pregnant, the alcohol that you drink swims directly to your baby through the placenta. Due to the fact that a baby will breakdown alcohol a lot slower than an adult, alcohol can cause lifelong damage in your child.

The most severe birth defect in babies associated with alcohol is fetal alcohol syndrome or FAS. This is a combination of both physical and mental defects due to drinking while you are pregnant.

Not only can alcohol cause birth defects, it can also cause the mother to lose her baby and have a miscarriage of be born with a very low birth weight, or even stillbirth. Every study out there shows that no amount of alcohol is safe for a woman and her baby during those nine months. Even after the baby is born and the mother is breast feeding, drinking alcohol is still not recommended due to the fact that the alcohol can essentially be transferred from the mother's breast milk and to the baby.

You are carrying another human life with you, and we all want our children to be born healthy and perfect. When you decide you are going to drink you are causing yourself so many more problems for your baby. Drinking causes many birth defects, and it does not even matter how much you drink, even having one drink every couple of weeks or just a glass of wine here and there can hurt your baby. If you think that you cannot give up drinking, then you should think twice before deciding you get pregnant, babies that are born with mental or physical birth defects take up so much time, and money, and although in some pregnancies this cannot be avoided, it can be avoided if you do not drink. Be smart about your pregnancy, and be healthy, make sure to think twice before you decide to have any alcohol, remember that you are not the only one to care for anymore.

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